23.01.2014 | Age: 4 yrs

High-speed weighing processes with POWERLINK

Calibratable Laumas weighing transmitter

Laumas, Italy’s leading manufacturer of industrial weighing and batching systems, has recently launched TLB-POWERLINK, a new weight transmitter that meets the skyrocketing data throughput requirements of today’s high-speed weighing processes. To ensure traceable quality and high process stability, more and more partial or interim weighing procedures are performed during production, resulting in richer information for subsequent processes.

Growing demands on data transport

Getting increasing amounts of data to recipients quickly and in a deterministic fashion so that information always arrives in the right sequence requires high-speed networks that can maintain high levels of data throughput and real-time characteristics even in large, complex applications. POWERLINK fulfills this requirement like no other communication network for field devices, making it the perfect choice for these types of tasks.

With TLB-POWERLINK, Laumas has developed a complete, calibratable instrument for high-speed weighing with top precision and without interference by mechanical or electromagnetic systems. Designed for lined-up mounting on an Omega DIN rail, this new weight transmitter is only 22 mm wide and features an integrated POWERLINK interface to handle the high-speed data exchange required in demanding weighing applications.

“With TLB-POWERLINK, Laumas has added yet another element to an already extensive range of POWERLINK-compatible field devices,” says Stefan Schönegger, managing director of the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG).