16.04.2015 | Age: 3 yrs

POWERLINK approved as Korean Standard

Open source communication for the future of Korea's smart factories

<xml></xml>POWERLINK has become the first 100% open source protocol to be registered by the Korean Industrial Standard Commission under the KS C IEC 61158 and 61784 standards for industrial communication networks. The Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) plans to follow up on this accomplishment by founding a POWERLINK Korea User Group in order to provide improved technical support and create a joint marketing platform for all partners in the region.

As manufacturer-independent, open source technology with no licensing fees, POWERLINK provides an international standard that will allow Korea's semiconductor, automotive, shipbuilding and renewable energy industries to create flexible, high-speed communication networks equipped to meet the challenges of smart factories and the industrial Internet of Things.

POWERLINK has been registered in a total of five Korean standards: KS C IEC 61158-3-13, KS C IEC 61158-4-13, KS C IEC 61158-5-13, KS C IEC 61158-6-13 and KS C IEC 61784-5-13.