Bottero S.p.A.

Bottero S.p.A. is able to offer an entire range of solutions in the field of automatic machines for glass processing, doing all the requirements, from the products of series for the small-middle enterprise until the design and construction of whole lines of production for large international industrial groups. 

Sole company in the world able to supply experience and high technology in all of the fields of glass processing by means of the supply of machinery dedicated, from the flat glass monolithic and laminated to the production of containers in glass, from the entire accomplishment of lines for the production of float glass and laminated to the packing lines. The clear ambition of Bottero Group is to be in the role of protagonist in the world of the glass. The concreteness and reliability of Bottero has generated in the time a competitive mix of peculiarity in the field of technological innovation, of the product performances and of the integration of new products and solutions :
Hollow Glass  - Glass container production  lines.
Flat Glass – Machines and lines for Monolithic and laminated Flat glass processing.
Engineering - Production lines for float and laminated glass sheets and to packaging lines

Bottero can offer a reliable and innovative product thanks to the continuous investment in R&D.  90% of the production finds arrangement on the foreign markets. Bottero is present at  national and international level with organized and efficient commercial and technical support structures.