Technology in deep

By combining Ethernet, CANopen and hard real-time capabilities, POWERLINK integrates features and abilities from three different worlds. In contrast to a number of competing products, POWERLINK has remained extremely close to the Ethernet standard, retaining original Ethernet features and so reducing the cost of deployment in industrial environments. The protocol's second major advantage is the integration of CANopen technology, a robust and proven protocol widely used throughout the field of automation whose extensive standardization greatly simplifies network configuration. The third pillar of POWERLINK's success rests on technologies developed by the EPSG, especially the POWERLINK stack, the feature that provides the protocol's real-time capabilities.

Leading PLC and component manufacturers have teamed up in the EPSG to work collectively on technological projects that generate considerable added value for the community at large. This "Technology" section will highlight some of POWERLINK's greatest assets – the features and functions that make up the core of POWERLINK technology.