POWERLINK rooted in China

IAS 2013

Over 20 Chinese local automation manufacturers from Ethernet POWERLINK Association China (EPAC) participated in Industrial Automation Show 2013 (IAS 2013), including Maxsine, Washing CNC, STEP Electric, Inovance, KONNE Electronic, Han’s Laser, Intrustech, CASNUC, CSR Group, Hanru,TED SHANGHAI. These POWERLINK-based products in this show had been put into use. Moreover, products from ABB, ASCO and SICK as well as Insight 7000 vision system from Cognex also appeared in this exhibition. It allowed POWERLINK to be recognized by more manufacturers in China for creating a new market pattern.The high-performance master station from Washing CNC is particularly worth mentioning. With POWERLINK-based open-source feature, the protocol stack is independently modified and optimized by Washing to achieve 30 ?s cycle time for CNC system. It currently represents the highest level of POWERLINK technology application in China. Meanwhile, interconnection between Washing CNC system and Maxsine servo system can maximize the performance for CNC application?As the same time, Maxsine multi-axis drivers show their connection to different master like B&R X20 CPU,Washing CNC master and self-developed controller based on ARM, all these solution make Maxsine can provide scalable total solution to machine builders.Servo drives from STEP have been used in robotics application, which makes STEP more competitive in China’s booming robotics market. Like Han’s Laser, they represent the new power of China’s domestic servo system in the future. With POWERLINK, they quickly increase the system performance and lay the foundation for winning the new market.In terms of highly reliable system, POWERLINK redundancy is also recognized by manufactures like CSR and NARI in railway, power and DCS industry. Features of high data transfer rate, multiple redundancy solution, flexible and rapid implementation, especially open source, are popular with these state-owned enterprises who must have independent intellectual property rights. POWERLINK provides them with state-of-the-art technology as well as self-mastery possibility.In addition, manufacturers including Hanru, TED SHANGHAI, KW, Infoteam, ALTERA and Avnet lay the foundation for the promotion of POWERLINK in China. They provide customers with direct development support, including protocol stack transplantation, interface design of circuits and software, consistency testing. It allows them to quickly achieve POWERLINK application at a low cost.During IAS, POWERLINK booth attracted many visitors, which showed the charm of open source and its trust in the Chinese market. POWERLINK promotion manager Wang Jinqiu says, “Local technical support for POWERLINK has been established. It is very important because developers must have easy implementation. It further promotes the development of POWERLINK. POWERLINK is sure to be a leader in real-time communication in China.”