Industrial Ethernet on Raspberry Pi 2

Industrial Ethernet: POWERLINK

An Industrial Ethernet protocol allows to deterministically exchange process data in real time. POWERLINK is the only hard real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol available in Open Source for both, Master and Slave configurations. It is based on standard Ethernet and therefore runs on any kind of hardware and software platform.

Raspberry Pi2

The Raspberry Pi2 is a small and cheap single-board PC. Besides the ARM Coretex-A7 quad-core CPU peripherals such as an Ethernet port and some GPIOs are available on the board. Due to its low prize and wide availability, the Raspberry Pi2 is an ideal platform for small or home-grown automation projects.

POWERLINK on Raspberry Pi2

The following guide shows in some simple steps how easy it is to create a real-time Ethernet network based on Raspberry Pi2 boards and Open Source software.

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More information about POWERLINK:


POWERLINK Specifications (6,9 MB PDF)

Open Source POWERLINK stack