Start date
12.09.2017 07:30 - 14:30
Sheraton Grand Pune Bund Garden Hotel
Raja Bahadur Mill Road
411001 Pune, Maharashtra, India

Today, smart and intelligent manufacturing is the need of the hour. Every factory is talking about their needs of having a connected shop floor. This has given rise to the 4thindustrial revolution, which comprises of, data analytics, business intelligence, industrial IoT and many other aspects. Digitizing the manufacturing processes is one of the priorities of this industrial revolution, which would help in capturing the value of the internet of things. Smart Industry is binding different technologies, and changing the way factories and workplaces function. “Smart” refers to efficiency, flexibility, scalability, connectivity, safety and security. 
Digitization is the first step towards digitalization. Digitization is capture of data at the source. This in itself has some benefits, in that a post-facto analysis can be done for process improvement. However, connecting all of this data in real-time to a central system gives possibilities for more advanced analytics and higher benefits for the manufacturing plants. Increased availability of intelligent ‘things’, and more robust and flexible means to connect them drives this effort of digitalization strongly. In times to come, it is possible to imagine devices intelligent enough to configure themselves automatically, develop alternate routes to communicate to the central facility etc. With a view to providing ‘integrated industry’ solutions, standardization on open source protocols for efficient machine-to-machine and machine to cloud communication is coming into center stage.
Through a highly integrated supply chain and manufacturing process, it is possible for each customer to deliver customized products and services. With Big Data, Internet of things, human robot collaboration, web based visualization and intelligent ‘things’ manufacturing is digitizing in every area for achieving operational excellence. Plant and factory operators desire latest technology, connectivity and look at leveraging the benefits of Industrial IoT, but higher costs of implementation act as a major deterrent.
The Smart Industry Conference, would be held in Sheraton Grand on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, and will be partnered by HMS India, Utthunga Technologies, Ascent Intellimation, B&R Industrial Automation and Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. Smart Industry Conference will bring together industry experts from different domains of Industrial IoT and industry 4.0. The conference will be a mix of technical presentations, panel discussions, which will look at the different areas of Smart Industry concept, implementation possibilities and solutions. It will focus on digital transformation journey to smart; connected devices with security, analytics and cloud solutions. Industry experts will share their experiences and advice on various IIoT and Industry 4.0 topics, such as digitization in manufacturing, technological trends and business-model transformation. Additionally, the conference will also address software aspects in connection with smart systems. The Smart industry conference will bring together leaders from different sectors - Engineering, Information Technology, Operational Technology, embedded systems. The technical talks and panel discussions will provide attendees’ with a practical understanding and real-life applications.

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