ADVANCED Motion Controls releases POWERLINK-certified DigiFlex Performance

New servo drives offer increased integration and opportunities

ADVANCED Motion Controls recently received the EPSG's certification of POWERLINK compliance for its family of DigiFlex Performance (DP) servo drives. With the high performance of centralized motion control and the reduced cost of a distributed architecture, POWERLINK reduces both overall system cost and installation time – all while providing real-time deterministic communication over standard Ethernet networking hardware.

The DP servo drives cover a wide continuous power range from 0.8 to 16.0 kW and can be used across many different industries. To easily accommodate customers' varying installation requirements, DP servo drives are presented in two main form factors – panel-mount or plug-in modules.

Flexible universal standard

Both form factors can be configured to operate multiple motors, including: BLDC and PMAC servo, closed loop AC induction, closed loop 3-? stepper, PM brushed, voice coils and inductive loads. These drives also support feedback from either a 5 V incremental encoder, a 1 Vp-p sine/cosine encoder or an absolute encoder (Hiperface, EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, or BiSS C mode) with dual control loop capabilities. Together with complete operating mode configurability, this allows the DP family to be used in a broad range of applications – from factory lines and machinery to assembly cells and robotics, as well as in mobile equipment.

ADVANCED Motion Controls’ DigiFlex Performance (DP) servo drives recently received the EPSG's certification of POWERLINK compliance.