The C5G control unit for user-friendly and efficient multi-purpose management of the entire SMART5 Comau Robot range can handle robots configured with up to 16 interpolated axes. For their control with outstanding dynamics and precision, Comau created a modular design using B&R ACOPOSmulti intelligent servo drives and fast communication via POWERLINK. This real-time network backbone also connects a set of modular digital and analog I/O modules from the B&R X20 series and a powerful Automation PC with dual-core processor that handles data transfer from the office world as well as hand-held programming devices.

The Comau Robotics S.p.A. ranges among the major players in the manufacturing of high quality industrial robots. With a combination of high speed and precision as well as outstandingly versatile kinematics, Comau robots cover a wide area of applications, predominantly in the automotive and general industry.
“In automotive plants performing body welding there is a large amount of electromagnetic interference, so EMC stability is absolutely essential for their communication networks. We at COMAU Robotics have thousands of robots in the field operating with complete reliability. That’s why Comau trusts in POWERLINK,” says Ing. Giorgio Alotto, Hardware Engineering Manager at Comau – Robotics Business Line.

“With POWERLINK as the core communication technology, Comau robots are offering an outstanding combination of speed and precision for complex applications,” says Stefan Schönegger, Managing Director of the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group. “This innovative real-time Ethernet protocol allows fast synchronization of numerous axis movements, not only within a robot, but including auxiliary equipment or integrating multi-robot cells.”