Compact actuator with real-time connection

SIKO presents AG25/26 with POWERLINK interface

SIKO's AG25 and AG26 actuators are now available with a POWERLINK interface. They come with a comprehensive set of PLCopen motion control libraries and are easy to set up for use with POWERLINK controllers. Their ultra-compact dimensions allow users to perform positioning tasks decentrally – even in locations where space is limited.

The AG25 drive nevertheless provides advanced functionality with a cross-section of only 80 mm. Only slightly larger, the AG26 offers up to 13 Nm of torque. The drives feature a hollow shaft and clamping ring for easy installation. With the motor, gearbox, power and control electronics, as well as bus communication and position controller all fully integrated, all that remains to be done in the field is connect the bus and 24 VDC power supply. This drastically lowers the cost of integration in the machine compared to a discrete construction.

High-precision absolute encoder

A high-precision absolute encoder is also integrated, which senses the position of the drive shaft even if it is turned while the actuator is powered off. Even larger movement ranges of 2,500 revolutions and more are no problem.

Diagnostic data via POWERLINK

The actuators feature two POWERLINK interfaces, making them easy to incorporate in a daisy-chained line topology. The intelligent actuators greatly simplify diagnostics by providing data such as output stage temperature, motor current and various voltage values via the POWERLINK network. A service connection offers one freely configurable digital output and four freely configurable digital inputs.

The ultra-compact AG25 and AG26 actuators are now available with a POWERLINK interface.