POWERLINK Workshop successfully held in China

Powerful & Simple Implementation

April 12-18, technical training and exchanges in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen held by EPAC (Ethernet POWERLINK Association China) attracted more than 50 companies to attend. These workshops were organized by EPAC and AVNET and held in training centers of AVNET in various cities. Some partners such as Wind River, SIA (Shenyang Institute of Automation) and Maxsine as development partners were invited to provide developers with their technology sharing in application development.

The content of these workshops is based on complete POWERLINK implementation, including POWERLINK master, slave and redundancy design, implementation based on various hardware platforms as well as software implementation of C, VerriLog and HDL. Development experience for robot controller, motion controller and DCS communication were introduced with product development in practice. Every participant was provided with a set of hardware and software test object for operating. With project implementation training step by step under the guidance of POWERLINK technical team, every engineer can understand POWERLINK itself more directly and deeply and how to achieve practical function test of network configuration, test and alarm.

The participants were very seriously and actively involved in exchange and test in hands. The rhythm of whole-day training was very tight, but everyone can easily master implementation and application of this technology. They all expressed a common understanding – POWERLINK development is so simple.

“As an open source technology, POWERLINK is easy to implement with high performance. With the rapid growth of intelligent manufacturing today, it will definitely make a huge contribution to local companies in performance upgrades and interconnectivity for complete integration. We are very happy to get support from our partners. We will be more actively promoting this technology to allow more companies to benefit, “says Wang Jinqiu, technical promotion manager of POWERLINK China.