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1. EPSG – A question of organization

The Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) was
established in 2003 in Switzerland as an independent association
with a democratic structure. Its goal are the standardization,
promotion and further development of POWERLINK technology,
which was first presented to the public in 2001. POWERLINK is
a patent-free, manufacturer-independent and completely software-
based communication system for hard real-time that has been
available as an open source solution since 2008 free of charge.
The EPSG's Berlin-based POWERLINK office handles public
relations, coordinates the implementation of shared projects and
provides information for existing and prospective members.

Membership in the EPSG is open to all companies, associations,
institutions and individuals worldwide who stand by the
goals of the EPSG. The system's openness is also mirrored in
the EPSG's organizational profile. The user organization has
a clear democratic structure and ensures a transparent
decision-making process.

All members have the opportunity to join various working
groups on the topics of safety, technology development,
standardization and certification as well as to actively influence
future POWERLINK and openSAFETY developments.
Active participation by all members ensures a higher level of
investment security for both users and manufacturers.

2. Systematically superior technology

Based on the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard, POWERLINK
is an open, high-performance real-time communication
system solution that meets the hard real-time requirements
of complex drive and motion systems. From the start,
development has focused on highly accurate, deterministic
data transmission in very fast cycles. While other Ethernet
protocols are only extensions of various proprietary fieldbus
systems, the groundbreaking POWERLINK technology is
ahead of its time with regard to openness, reliability and
functionality. The EPSG also cooperates closely with leading
standardization bodies and associations such as CiA
(CAN in Automation), IEC and ISO.

Since 2010, the EPSG has also been offering openSAFETY –
the first 100% open safety protocol in the world. Its openness
doesn't just come down to the legal definition, either;
the word "open" applies in a technical sense as well.
Thanks to the total independence of openSAFETY, users
can take advantage of this technology for all fieldbus
systems, industrial Ethernet applications or industry-specific
communication solutions to easily implement
products that satisfy IEC 61508 SIL 3 requirements, regardless
of the control system manufacturer.

3. Common activities – Your benefits

Trade fairs
Nuremberg, Hanover, Parma, Paris, Shanghai…
Take advantage of these possibilities to present your products at EPSG exhibition booths all over the world.

Take part in roadshows and establish valuable contacts in new industries.

Reach potential customers with an eye for technology
by showcasing your company and products on the
EPSG website.

Contribute interesting content to EPSG publications.
Your customers all over the world will be sure to approve.

Technical reports / Press releases
Additional support is also provided for your PR activities. We can promote your products through our close cooperation with over 100 trade magazines – an enormous benefit that will allow you to communicate even more effectively.

Take advantage of the EPSG online newsletter and inform the worldwide POWERLINK community about your innovations.

Standardization and certification
Effectively prepare your products for certification using an approved tool and take advantage of the possibility of testing the POWERLINK connection for conformity to relevant specifications. Certification by the EPSG ensures a uniform standard on the market, and certification of the first product group is free of charge for EPSG members.