Member Benefits

Trade fairs
Nuremberg, Hanover, Parma, Paris, Shanghai…
Take advantage of the possibility of displaying your
products at EPSG exhibition booths all over the world.

Take part in roadshows and establish valuable
contacts in new industries.

Reach potential customers with an eye for technology
by showcasing your company and products on the
EPSG website.

Contribute interesting content to EPSG publications.
Your customers all over the world will be sure to

Technical reports / Press releases
Additional support will also be provided for your
PR activities. We can promote your products through our
close cooperation with over 100 trade magazines – an
enormous benefit that will allow you to communicate.

Use the EPSG newsletter as an online platform and
inform the worldwide POWERLINK community about your

Standardization and certification
Effectively prepare your products for certification using
a designated tool and take advantage of the possibility
to test its POWERLINK connection for conformity to relevant
specifications. Certification by the EPSG ensures a uniform
standard on the market. And certification of the first
product group is free of charge for EPSG members.