Exor International

EXOR International S.p.A. offers the world's largest family of HMI solutions for factory, building, marine automation including installation in harsh environments.

The EXOR HMI products come in 100+ configurations ranging from simple graphical entry-level touch screens and Linux HTML5 Browser devices to advanced color graphic displays with glass projected capacitive multitouch interface.

EXOR International has 200+ communication drivers including connection to the most popular fieldbus networks, and several industrial Ethernet protocols.
With the activation of the integrated PLC runtime and use of local or remote I/O, an EXOR HMI can be expanded into a very powerful integrated control system and a modern IoT Controller with the support of CODESYS 3.x PLC, POWERLINK master capability and further protocols.

The products have an extensive set of features including multiple protocol communication, networking, OPC-UA  Server and Client, protocol bridging, Web Server, and Linux embedded panel.