MGM spol. s.r.o. (hereinafter referred to as MGM), a manufacturer and supplier of machinery forthermal separation of materials and welding sets with long-term experience, is a name which requires no lengthy introduction on the Czech and European market. Nevertheless, we provide you here with a brief summary of the history and present of MGM. ln 1991 the MGM company was founded by Mr KareI Mikulanda. ln 1995 a workplace was opened in Ostrava. A significant watershed in the company history came in 1998, when a decision was taken to develop and manufacture the company's own CNC control system. The flame cutting machines are equipped according to the customer's demands with autogenaus and plasma technology. Through this development MGM became a supplier of machines for customers throughout Eastern Europe. A further important milestone in the history of the firm was reached in 2003, when the company began to deliver machinery throughout the whole of Europe. MGM has built up a network of foreign representations (Estonia, Croatia,  Ungary, Poland, Serbia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Sievenia and Romania), which sell and service MGM flame cutting machines within Europe. At present the MGM company manufactures and supplies machines of its own construction, including a control system. Our company has developed not only a new type of flame cutting machine for plasma cutting (ARROW type range), but also machines for cutting with both oxyacetylene and plasma, or for use of other technologies (type range OMNICUT). Wehave also developed and launched onto the market a new type of modern control system on the basis of Soft-CNC, with user-friendly software equipment, which provides our customers with several advantages. Our goal was, is and shall continue tobetobring our customers new technologies within the field ofthermal  separation of metallic materials. The future which has opened up before us since 2003, in addition to requiring investments in development, which guarantee constant improvement of our machines, has also necessitated the construction of a new building, which was completed on 12 December 2005. This provides us with large manufacturing and storage areas, and at the same time enables us to intensify communication between the individual MGM company centres. Ideal conditions are created here mainly for development and construction divisions, including areas which are necessary not only for testing equipment but also for training both our employes and our customers.

Machines for welding solar absorbers by ultrasound: This new, modern technology links also to a worldwide demand for alternative sources of energy. ln this manner a further 3 new types of welding devices were developed, which we link also into our entire production lines for solar absorbers. Our future however remains built araund you - satisfied users of MGM flame cutting machines, and we would thus like to take this opportunity to express our wish that your satisfaction with our products shall continue to grow.