The Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) was founded in 2006 to provide support to the industry when using Open Source software in products. The business concept of OSADL is based on the understanding that Open Source software does not always implicitly include all the components that are relevant for a certain business sector in the required quality. Therefore, industrial companies combine forces by joining OSADL, thus ensuring the future availability of a high-quality Linux kernel suitable for industrial applications.
Important OSADL projects focus on real-time capability, quality assurance in the OSADL QA Farm and certification of the Linux kernel. In addition to these development activities, OSADL members benefit from OSADL's knowledge data base and its collection of legal assessments, they may attend OSADL seminars and workshops and take advantage of OSADL's individual services. Last but not least, members may specifically present their products with the help of OSADL and network with other companies, universities and Open Source developers.
The OSADL member companies are machine companies, manufacturers of automation hardware and software, semiconductor companies, Open Source software service providers and user associations.