POWERLINK is a worldwide standard that has been integrated into numerous systems and products. In order to assure the interoperability of products and implementations, it is important to assure the quality of the POWERLINK integration. The EPSG conducts certification events around the globe to maintain a uniform standard.

At these events, products are tested not just against the POWERLINK EPSG DS301 specification using a conformance tool, but also against several master systems. Testing is conducted by well-trained test engineers and supervised by an official EPSG committee. After passing the extensive test procedures, the product manufacturer receives a certificate that confirms the successful completion of the event.

In addition, PlugFests are conducted to give development engineers the possibility of testing prototype products in a real application environment for debugging and data exchange purposes among other POWERLINK users. These events are also conducted worldwide by the EPSG on a regular basis.

The POWERLINK conformance tool – openCONFORMANCE – is available to registered EPSG members in the Downloads area of this website.

The twice-yearly certification of POWERLINK CNs will be jointly conducted by the EPSG under the supervision of a special Certification master, which will test the CNs standard POWERLINK functions (PDO, SDO etc.) as well as testing for all conceivable kinds of communication failure.

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