Technology providers

Integrating POWERLINK into a product is as simple as the technology itself. Because the technology is primarily software-based, it can be implemented on any available hardware platform, dramatically reducing the time it takes to integrate since it allows companies to reuse both existing hardware as well as internal know-how.
Finding information about POWERLINK technology is just as simple. Due to its open-source market approach, a worldwide community has established itself. Technology integrators that specialize in the integration of communication protocols can offer anything from simple IP cores to plug-and-play interface cards, making it possible to find a solution for any market requirement regardless of industry.
All of the companies listed below are experts in the field of industrial communication and have several years of experience working with POWERLINK in numerous successful projects throughout the high-performance world. The strength of this internationally active POWERLINK community makes it possible to implement technically complex projects in the shortest possible amount of time.