Configuration Tool for Open Source Industrial Ethernet


An Industrial Ethernet protocol allows to deterministically exchange process data in real time. POWERLINK is the only hard real-time Industrial Ethernet protocol available in Open Source for both, Master and Slave configurations. It is based on standard Ethernet and therefore runs on any kind of hardware and software platform.

Configuration of an industrial real-time network

Industrial real-time networks are usually configured during the development of the application software. The configuration is made up of the parameters of each network participant (such as a sensor or actor) as well as of defining the timely behaviour of the entire network. Examples are motor parameters of a drive, filter settings of input modules or reaction and cycle times of the network.
A mechanism called “mapping” finally defines deterministic data channels between the individual participants which are used to transport real-time data.


openCONFIGURATOR is an Open Source tool for easy creation and parametrization of POWERLINK networks. The program is developed as an Eclipse plugin and allows setting up POWERLINK networks of arbitrary size and configuration quickly and easily. openCONFIGURATOR is suited well for automation projects that do not use a PLC programming language according to IEC 61131-3.
The following guide shows in some simple steps how easy it is to install the plugin and parametrize a real-time Ethernet network:

→ Getting Started Guide

→ Download Package on SourceForge

More information about POWERLINK:

POWERLINK Specifications (6,9 MB PDF)
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